Early Learning Buddhist Teaching

The Ven Soma Memorial Dhamma School, welcomes children from all backgrounds, faiths and abilities. Our philosophy is rooted in Buddhist principles and for more than 10 years we have successfully integrated a holistic ethos with an excellent Buddhist education. Through the practice of mindfulness, the school aims to cultivate wisdom, reflection and compassion in children and to help them unlock their full potential.

In our school setting, all staff members have a commitment to the practice of mindfulness. We feel it is important that we correctly model what we teach.  We have a thriving community of parents who share our ethos and values, and this development of a like-minded community has hugely supportive benefits for children.

Mindfulness practice can help buffer children against our culture of instant gratification and teaches patience, resourcefulness, self-awareness and kindness. Children are then equipped to be successful, not just academically but as rounded human beings, more able to reach their potential and lead fulfilling and happy lives.

A foundation for all-round excellence, with mindfulness at its heart.

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