About You

If you would like to change the way you see yourself and the world by using a powerful tool for changing the world for the better and apply your knowledge to create joy.

Benefits to You

1.Find Peace of Mind, Become Happier Develop Wisdom and mindfulness Send your child to a Dhamma School Reduce day to day stress Special religious programs for youth

2.Participate in mediation programs Listen to Dhamma sermons Blessing for students, patients, mothers Participate in daily religious programs

Buddhist Vihara of Queensland is opened to anyone who is interested in learning Buddhism and practicing Buddhist way of life.

Buddhist Vihara of Queensland provides the following services to the community:

  • Monthly Sil programs and regular Meditation Programs
  • Daily religious activities – Buddha Pooja, Bodhi Pooja, Pirith Chanting, Blessings
  • Dhamma sermons & Dhamma discussions
  • Religious programs for youth
  • Dhamma School for children
  • Vesak, Katina celebration
  • Hospital visit for blessings
  • Blessings for HSC students
  • Buddhist Library Services
  • Counseling
  • Compassionate programs in Sri Lanka and Australia

How you can involve yourself with Buddhist Vihara of Queensland:

  • Participate in the daily religious activities – Buddha pooja, Chanting, Blessing and Pirith
  • Observe Sil every month
  • Participate in meditation programs
  • Participate in dana
  • Participate in Vesak, celebrations – observe sil, Vesak Lanterns, Devotional singing
  • Bless your sick ones in hospital visits by Bhanthes for blessing
  • Send your child to a Dhamma Schools
  • Use of the Buddhist Library books and ebooks at the Buddhist Vihara of Queensland
  • Send your young children for the religious programs for the youth
  • Encourage your teenage children to become a youth member
  • Bring your child doing HSC for Blessings for HSC students
  • Join Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Association (SLBVA) as a Member
  • Come to a Food Fair organised by SLBVA
  • Run a stall to help raise funds to run and develop Lankarama
  • Volunteer as an individual or as a group for the up keep and maintenance of Buddhist Vihara of Queensland.