Welcome to Buddhist Vihara (Temple) of Queensland Inc (Goodna Temple)

The Buddhist Vihara (Temple) of Queensland is situated on 2.5 acres of bush-land setting in Goodna on an elevated land. Its native vegetation along with ample wild life creates serene and calm surroundings, with the stone Buddha statue in meditation posture in front of the main building. The main building houses the shrine room with a beautiful Buddha statue, monks quarters. Disability access is from the back of the building. Toilet facilities for the visiting public are located at the ground floor area. The place can easily accommodate 500 visitors during a major festival. The veranda around the upper floor of the building provides ample space for a quiet sitting for meditation.

>> Special Announcement <<

Dear Vihara Patrons

The Vihara committee wishes to bring to your attention a number of measures that have been put into place at the Vihara in order to reduce risks to both the Monks and visitors during these uncertain times.  

  1. Worshipping – Please note the following changes to worshipping at Vihara until further notice;
    1. As instructed by the government the Vihara will not operate as place of worship until further notice.
    2. Religious observances at the outdoor Buddha statue, Stupa and Bo Tree will not be permitted until further notice.
  2. Blessings and Pirith chanting –  
    1. The Monks led by Ven Sugathasara Thero will be chanting the Rathana Sutta daily at the Vihara to invoke blessings to the entire Australian community.
    2. The usual practice of providing Blessings and Pirith chanting to Dayakas at the Vihara will not be conducted at the Vihara until further notice.
    3. The Vihara is making special arrangements to bring the Blessings of the Buddha Dhamma and Pirith chanting by Ven Sugathasara Thero via a video link to your home. More information will be provided next week. 
    4. Monks Visiting Dayaka Homes – The monks will not be visiting dayaka homes until further notice. Please make use of the video link to bring the blessings of the Dhamma to your homes.
  1. Monks Residences – The upper and lower monk residences have been placed as out of bounds for all visitors in order to maintain a safe environment for the Monks. Please do not enter either of the residences.
  2. Dana special arrangements –  When bringing Dana which you have committed to the Monk’s upper residence please observe the following steps for the safety of all parties; 
    1. Dana to be left on the table outside the roller door of the upper residence. See sign. Call the Vihara and inform that you have done so and the monks will take the Dana inside. There will be no religious observances practiced with the Dayakas.
    2. Please wash your hands at the sink at the back of the upper residence before touching common Viahra property.
    3. Should anyone in your home be in quarantine or showing signs of illness please refrain from brining Dana, call the Vihara and inform as early as possible so that alternative Dhana can be arranged.
    4. Please use the outside sink to wash your hands.
  3. asdsada
  4. Restrictions to Gatherings –
    1. a. At all times please follow the latest government directions on social gatherings hich can be found at the following link; https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-information-on-socialdistancing
  5. Supporting the elderly – In circumstances where the elderly Vihara community are unable to get about and in need of support for daily activities such as picking up medicine from pharmacy, essential shopping, etc the Vihara has arranged for a support network. Please contact Uditha Manage Mob 0402143051   who will arrange the needed assistance.
  6. Monk’s health – All the resident Monk’s health matters are being carefully handled by Dr Sudheera Edrisinghe. Should any Vihara member have any particular concerns regarding health matters during these difficult times please contact Dr Sudheera Edrisinghe Mob 0449557149 or Vice President Nalin Nettikumara Mob 0436388455.  to share your concern. 
  7. Additional information on the present health crisis can be found at the following links
    1. https://www.qld.gov.au/health/conditions/health-alerts/coronavirus-covid-19/take-action/coronavirusprevention
    2. https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid19-advice-for-public-gatherings-and-visits-to-vulnerable-groups

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) update

On Thursday, 12 March 2020, the WHO declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. Our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our community: the monks and devotees. It is appropriate in health emergency situations like this that we fulfil our duty of care to each other and the wider Australian community.
Firstly, it is best to monitor your health closely for fever, cough or signs of respiratory infection, and see a health care professional as a precaution if you start feeling unwell. If you have symptoms, please defer your visit to Budhist Vihara of Queensland.

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The Proposed Master plan of Buddhist Vihara

Dear all dhamma friends of Buddhist Vihara of Queensland,
We are happy to inform you that the operational works submission to the Ipswich City Council has been approved for the construction for the following works.
1. A single entry to the temple premises to the amalgamated lots – 108 and 110 Eric street and associated road works to Eric street.
2 The construction of car parks and associated internal roads and street lighting.
3. Accessible car parks and associates access paths.
4. Storm water management of the entire development area.
We are closer than ever before to achieving our objective of registering the Buddhist Vihara of Queensland as place of worship which has been the your aim in supporting this development over the past several years .We now seek those that are able to commit to a regular donation, however small or large it may be, with a view to supporting the servicing of the debt we will be raising. Please contact Venerable Sugathasara Thero directly to make a contribution. Contact number: -+61 738188806
Bank Details
Account name: -Buddhist vihara of Queensland Inc
Bank: – NAB
BSB: -084004
Account: – 901693537
May the Noble Triple Gem Bless you and your families as you continue to support the Buddhist Vihara of Queensland in its endeavours to make available what the Buddha taught for the future generations.
Temple Committee